Thursday, August 17, 2017

On Being A Black Cat

A Poem in Honour of Black Cat Appreciation Day  August 17th, 2017

I am a Black Cat.

How great is that!
I sit on the Mat.
That's where I'm at.

I am the Queen

Of the whole scene.
I have ALWAYS been.
Know what I mean?

I have the knack

To lead the pack.
There's NOTHING I lack.
I'm a Cat who's Black.

By Queen Trixie, the Black Panfur, Empurress of Jerusalem, Israel and the Entire Middle East, Guardian of the Boudoir, Alpha-Kitty Extraordinaire

Saturday, August 12, 2017

This Is Trixie's Day

Hallo, Effurryone!

I bet you are all thinking that this is Trixie, writing today's blog.

It is I, Caspurr - King of the Tigger-Tabbies.
Shimshi and I want to let you in on a Secret.
Today is Trixie's Birthday! She is Five Years Young Today.

So Shimshi and I have organised a Surprise Pawty for her, at 5 pm Israel Time, in Our Trixie's Favourite Spot, up at the Enchanted Forest overlooking the Old City.

Shhhhh. Not a word. Shimshi has devised a plan to get her there without arousing her suspicion, but We are counting on all of you to be ready and in place when she arrives.

Now remember - this is a Secret. Not a miaow to Trixie until it's time for the Pawty to start.

Did I mention that there would be lots of niptinis, catmint juleps, micecream, tuna mousse, salmon sorbet, effury possible type of Fancy Feasties, et CATera, et CATera, et CATera (mol)?

Oh - and Birthday Cake!

We are sorry about the Last Minute Notification. We only got back home yesterday from the World CAThletics Championships in London - about which We shall tell you in Our Next Post.

Meanwhile, We are looking forward to seeing you this afternoon.
Get ready to pawty - and to make Trixie's Special Day even more special.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Mummy's Inner Cat

Hallo again, Effurrybuddies!

It is sooooo hot here, in the mid-30s Celsius, and no respite in sight. Mummy is too tired to play with Us, because of the heat and furr-ankly, We Ourselves are too hot to move about much. The heat is making Us all furry sleepy, including Mummy - and when We do wake up, We are BORED.

Mummy does her best though. She tried to amuse Us with this video She made of herself, purr-tending to be a Kitty. 

It's not too bad - considering She only has two legs, not four, and no fur to speak of, so We give her Full Marks for Effort.  But Oh My! - whoever taught Her to speak Cat??? That accent!!!

How is it possible to mispronounce a simple word like Miaou?!

What do YOU think, anipals? Does Our Human have a future as a Cat Impurrsonator? 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Gang's All Here

Hallo again, Effurrybody!

We are back!!!

It has been a zillion years since We last posted - and, as usual, it is all Mummy's fault. She was so busy with her Caterwauling Club's activities and planning her Daddy's Birthday Party, that We were Woefully Neglected.
And then, to cap it all, She went swanning off to Russia, of all places, with her Caterwauling Club friends, to take part in some Festival, leaving Us in the care of her Stepsister, Auntie Yuli (Yael). Auntie Yuli came to feed Us effurry day, but We are used to being waited upon attended to Round The Clock! It was furry hard, kitties! She was away for FIVE DAYS!!! That's like - well, FUREVER!

And then, when She came back, She thought writing her Own Bloggie about it had to take purr-ecedence over OURS!!!
I mean to say - it's not as if She actually saw anything REALLY impawtant in St. Petersburg, such as the Hermitage Cats, for example!

As We mentioned earlier, part of the reason for Mummy's Shameful Neglect of Us before her Russian trip, was that She and her Human Sibs and StepGrandma were planning Grandpa's Birthday Party. For that, We can fur-give her. On July 13th, Grandpa was 90 years old! That's like - hundreds and hundreds of Cat Years! That was certainly something well worth celebrating.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How We Purr-tected Mummy Yet Again

Hallo again, Effurrybuddies!

The Mighty Shimshon (Shimshi for short) aka The Little Purrince is back again!

Yes, yes, I know! It has been over a Month since Our Furriends heard from Us.
Mummy has been so busy with all sorts of trivia, like her Caterwauling Club and its annual Gala Concert, that the Really Impawtant Things in Life, such as Our Blog, have been shockingly neglected!

For example, you would think She would have pounced on the oppurr-tunity to tell effuryone how I, the Mighty Shimshon We saved her from an Evil, Vicious Cockroach the other day!

It was late evening, and Mummy was just about to go to bed when She saw us playing with something on the stairs. She came closer to see what We were getting up to and when She saw what it was, She gave a gasp and said "Oh, no, no, no, no, no". (That's what She always says when She sees a Creepy Crawly.)

Well, of course We told her not to worry, We would take care of it, but She went and got an old Telephone Directory and came and dropped it right on top of that Creepy Cockroach and then She jumped on the directory and squished it (the roach, not the directory - mol). Then, when She removed the directory and went to get something to clear up the squished corpse, Caspurr slipped in and gobbled it up.

That was so unfair, kitties, as it was Me, the Mighty Shimshi, who spotted it furrst!
(Well, it was Trixie, really, but She is a Girl Kitty and She doesn't like playing with roaches as much as Caspurr and I do.) Fortunately, he left a few scraps for Me. It was nice and crunchy.

I don't know why Mummy couldn't have trusted Us to deal with the roach. We would have dedded it sooner or later. She could have let Us play with it a little longer, don't you think?

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Independence Day

Greetings, Anipals!

We apawlogise for the long wait between posts. Our Human gets a bit lazy sometimes (mol) and, as you know, She has all the Passwords to the Computer Machine Thingy - not to mention those Opposable Thumbs...

Anyway, today, We too are having a Lazy Day.

Today is Israel's Independence Day. That means it's Israel's Birthday! Israel is 69 years old!

We don't know how much that is, exactly, in relation to Cat Years but it seems that for a country, that's quite young.  Mummy says Israel was really born 3000 years ago and was Reborn 69 years ago. Anyway, that all seems to be mixed up with something called "Pawlitics", which We don't really concern Ourselves with. Well, not furry much, anyway.

The point is, however, that if Israel has a Birthday, that means there is a Purrfect Reason for a HUGE Birthday Pawty. We sat with Mummy and watched the International Bible Quiz for Jewish Youth on TV, and then We had lunch, and a Nap: 

- and now, We have decided to go and have a Picnic and Barbecue in the Enchanted Wood overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem, because the weather is furry pleasant today. After a few days of really hot weather, it is now back to normal weather for this time of year, about 23 or 24 degrees Celsius. Purrfect weather for a picnic.

So, if any of you should feel minded to join Us, We will be happy to see you at the Usual Place in about an hour (5 pm Israel time). Come one, come all, as they say (mol).

And as We say - Lehitra'ot (We'll be seeing you).

Sunday, April 16, 2017

More Reasons To Celebrate

Hallo, Effurrybuddies!

It is I, the Mighty Shimshon (Shimshi for short), aka The Little Purrince, Captain of the Guard and Master of the Queen's Mischiefs.

How are you all? I hope those of you who celebrate Easter, are enjoying your holiday, and that those of you who celebrate Pessach are all ready to celebrate the seventh day of the festival tomorrow and that your Humans brought you amazing and delightful kitty bags from the Seder feast.

And now, for yet ANOTHER reason to celebrate!
Tomorrow, April 17th, is My Birthday!

I, the Mighty Shimshon, will be Three Years Old tomorrow.

Can you believe that just three years ago, I was a tiny little kitten whose kitty mama had rejected him and for whom the future looked furry bleak, until Step-Grandma found Me and rescued Me and brought me to my Human Mummy?
Can you believe this tiny, miserable-looking creature with more than a passing resemblance to a Mousie, was Me?

Well, look at Me now, Anipals!

Anyway, as you all know, We neffur let a Reason for a Pawty slip by unnoticed and tomorrow, We will be having the Most Glorious Celebration - to which, it goes without saying, you are all invited - at 5 pm Israel time, in my beautiful fur-ever home. It also goes without saying that there will be oodles of beteavon-bons (what you call "noms"), plenty of niptinis, micecream, catmint juleps, toys, games - well, you all know how We like to pawty here, don't you?

So We will be expecting to see all Our Furriends tomorrow.

Till then - Chag Sameach!